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pandas - read CSV, convert columns, calculate average, plot bar chart

I had speedtest-cli running on a regular basis to figure out which provider mobile provider works best in a given location. For this, I gathered all speedtest results in a CSV and just wanted to get the average download and upload speed over all entries.

This is how the CSV looks like:

server name server id idle latency idle jitter packet loss download upload download bytes upload bytes share url download server count download latency download latency jitter download latency low download latency high upload latency upload latency jitter upload latency low upload latency high idle latency low idle latency high
foobar 1337 33.1252 8.44775 0 1067331 436851 12296456 4025128 1 737.564 85.5956 39.424 1710.7 323.56 69.9196 35.317 1023 26.975 44.814

and here's the python script how to convert all the things and display them:

import pandas as pd
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

"""read csv"""

df = pd.read_csv('results.csv')

"""convert bytes to mbps"""

def bytes_to_mbits(num_bytes):
    return num_bytes * 8 / 1e6

"""take just the download and upload columns from the csv file, convert each entries using the function above, round to two decimal points"""

dl_ul = df[['download', 'upload']]

download = round(df['download'].apply(bytes_to_mbits), 2)
upload = round(df['upload'].apply(bytes_to_mbits), 2)

"""take the download and upload results, calculate average, put on bar chart"""['download', 'upload'], [download.mean(), upload.mean()], color=['green', 'red'])
plt.ylabel('speed in mbit/s')