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cryptsetup / encrypt disk luks / dm-crypt

encrypt a disk!


apt-get install cryptsetup

encrypt the device

cryptsetup luksFormat <device> # e.G. /dev/sda1

unlock device

cryptsetup luksOpen <device> <coolname> # e.G. /dev/sda1 fortknox

format device

do this only one time during setup, afterwards jump right to mounting the device

mkfs.ext4 /dev/mapper/<coolname> # e.G. /dev/mapper/fortknox

mount device

mount /dev/mapper/<coolname> /mnt

resize luks encrypted disk

cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sda fortknox
cryptsetup resize /dev/mapper/fortknox
resize2fs /dev/mapper/fortknox
mount /dev/mapper/fortknox /mnt

if it's the root disk:

apt-get install cloud-guest-utils
growpart /dev/sda 2
cryptsetup resize luks-UUID-foo-bar
resize2fs /dev/mapper/luks-luks-UUID-foo-bar

backup /restore luks header

cryptsetup luksHeaderBackup /dev/sda --header-backup-file luks_backup_fortknox
cryptsetup luksHeaderRestore /dev/sda --header-backup-file luks_backup_fortknox

wipe luks header

you might want to do a header backup beforehand, wipe it and test a restore.

wipefs -a /dev/sda