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instance storage location


unable to start / stop multipass VM

... it might run into a timeout, just doesn't do anything and there's no real output for anyone even with the -vvv flag. This happened multiple times for me and I don't feel good about multipass. But hey, I also don't want to switch to anything else right now. What to do when you can't start or stop or interact with the VM.

I got most of this from this good github issue here

disable multipass:

sudo snap disable multipass

check for a snapshot, it's hopefully called suspended, you want to update the last bit of the path probably (your-instance-name and maybe the image as well)

sudo qemu-img snapshot -l /var/snap/multipass/common/data/multipassd/vault/instances/your-instance-name/ubuntu-20.04-server-cloudimg-amd64.img

delete the suspend snapshot:

sudo qemu-img snapshot -d /var/snap/multipass/common/data/multipassd/vault/instances/your-instance-name/ubuntu-20.04-server-cloudimg-amd64.img

re-enable multipass:

sudo snap enable multipass

start your vm:

sudo multipass start <name>