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version manager for all the things programming and things like that. python, node, ruby, read more here.

It's confusing for some reason, but it's probably still better to learn one thing instead of rbenv, nvm, pyenv, whattheenv.


... well, this is annoying. if you install something globally with nodejs for example and the binary can't be found, try this:

asdf reshim nodejs


list plugins

asdf plugin list all

add plugin

asdf plugin add ruby

install a version

latest stable one:

asdf install ruby latest

list available versions:

asdf list all ruby

list even more specific ones:

asdf list all ruby 2

now install the actual thing:

asdf install ruby 2.7.3

set versions for projects / shell

define a specific version for the global environment (your user) and/or a project. Say I use ruby 3 as my global version but some other project requires ruby 2.7.

asdf global ruby latest
asdf local ruby 2.7.3

the local thing will create a file in the project you're in and picking this up whenever you're in that folder.