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this is a work in progress, probably forever.

get info

meshtastic --info

basic configuration

set region, modem config and id + channel

meshtastic --set region EU433
meshtastic --ch-set modem_config Bw125Cr48Sf4096 --ch-index 0
meshtastic --ch-set id 4422 --ch-index 0
meshtastic --ch-set name h0mer --ch-index 0

encrypt communication with random key

meshtastic --ch-set psk random --ch-index 0

set transmission (speed? and range?)

meshtastic --ch-longfast

send message

meshtastic --sendtext hello1

export / import config

that's what I did to put the same config on multiple devices, chats did work afterwards. not sure about any implications...

meshtastic --export-config > config.yml # export
meshtastic --configuration config.yml   # import