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you might not need jq

curl -sS https://abc.json | python -m json.tool

pretty print json

your-json | jq


jq . file.json

get the first element

jq .[0] file.json

get multiple items

just comma separate what you want

bw list items --search zoho|jq '.[].login.username, .[].login.password'

get raw output

... instead of JSON strings for example

-r               output raw strings, not JSON texts;
jq -r '.[].login.username, .[].login.password'

merge multiple json files

for example: fitbit export, separated by day but same format otherwise. I wanted one file out of 4 years of data:

jq -s . heart_rate*.json > ../heart_rate.json

or just use flatten like this:

jq -c --slurp 'flatten' steps-*.json > ../steps.json