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ignore / unignore join part quit etc.

ignore JOIN, PART and quit in channel messages etc. for every channel:


list ignore:



remove something/someone from your ignore list. get the number first with /ignore, then:

/unignore 1

change time zone

if your server is running UTC and you want irssi in your local time zone:

/script exec $ENV{'TZ'}='Europe/Berlin'


I'm using this fish plugin right now

  • check requirements and install them according to docs linked above

if you're not using the irssi version provided with your distribution, you'll run into errors like:

fish/core is ABI version 0 but Irssi is version 7, cannot load

the fix for this: use the irssi sources of the irssi version you're using, I'm on 1.2.0 at the time of this writing.

given you're in $HOME/tmp:

wget -O- | tar xzf - # download and extract source
cmake -DIRSSI_INCLUDE_PATH=$HOME/tmp/irssi-1.2.0 # configure cmake to use the new irssi sources
make # build it!
cp src/ ~/.irssi/ # copy the plugin to your local user folder

in irssi, load the plugin:

/load /home/jonas/.irssi/

load at startup:

echo "/load /home/jonas/.irssi/" >> $HOME/.irssi/startup